Line 422 at Kandos Projects

Part of the straight-line residency accepted by Kandos Projects has been installed in those parts of Kandos Projects where the line would be visible from the street - the ground-floor easterly pair of front windows, and  the most westerly upstairs window. It will stay there from 12 - 31 August 2012 as part of the Williams River Valley Artists' Project's residency in Kandos Projects.

There are 2 reasons why only part of the line has been installed. Firstly, the exhibition space of Kandos Projects is limited to what is visible from the street and the rest of the building is not normally open to the public. Secondly, we have not yet worked out whether, when it moves into three dimensional space, a straight line takes on the literal visibility of things in three-dimensional space, or whether it would retain the invisibility of things that belong in the realm of thought or imagination - if the latter, it may in fact be present throughout the building without being visible. (This question of the relationships between the space of thought and the space of the body is one that underlies this straight-line residency project.)

Available on a front window is information for visitors to read and take away. This explains the location of the line throughout the building in text and diagram:
• the text is a written description of where the line lies between the end on the floor inside the westerly door and the other other end at the join between wall and under-stair in the ground floor of the easterly shop.  Download written description here.  (The discussion of what we hope to achieve with these residencies can be found here.)
• the diagram shows where lines would be found in each room of the building. These can be cut out and folded-up to make a model of the building with the line.
Download the two page diagram here: Kandos 422 foldup sm
Download the 10 page version here: Kandos 422 foldup individualrooms

To see and twirl the line as a 3D model:
• download Sketchup Viewer
• download  Kandos 422 all to twirl the line in the building
• download Kandos 422 lineonly to twirl the line without the building

4 Straight Line Residency proposals for Building 25 at the National Art School

This building would be a good host because of the variation in shapes of the rooms - they are not all completely right-angled.   To see the proposals in Sketchup, visit the exhibition Joe Frost has curated in building 25 at the National Art School, Artworks and Artwords, or download Sketchup and each of  proposals 1, 2, 3 & 4, and twirl the lines on your own computer.

Residency proposal for kandosprojects

The SLR project is proposing several straight-line residencies for kandosprojects in central NSW, Australia. Each residency differs according to the length of the line and where, and in what direction, each line would begin to lie across the interior of the building.

To guide you through the proposal, here are still images of models of the building itself (twin ex-shops with living quarters), the building with one of the residency proposals, and that same residency proposal shown without the building that supports it. Other possible residencies are still to be posted.

Soon you will be able to see the three dimensional model itself. To do this you first need to download sketchup. Then download a file by clicking on the caption beside one of the still images. Then open it in sketchup and twirl away.

Sometime soon, if kandosprojects likes one or more of the residency proposals, and a line actually arrives to take up residence, come to Kandos or walk down the street and see it in the building as well.