Residency proposal for kandosprojects

The SLR project is proposing several straight-line residencies for kandosprojects in central NSW, Australia. Each residency differs according to the length of the line and where, and in what direction, each line would begin to lie across the interior of the building.

To guide you through the proposal, here are still images of models of the building itself (twin ex-shops with living quarters), the building with one of the residency proposals, and that same residency proposal shown without the building that supports it. Other possible residencies are still to be posted.

Soon you will be able to see the three dimensional model itself. To do this you first need to download sketchup. Then download a file by clicking on the caption beside one of the still images. Then open it in sketchup and twirl away.

Sometime soon, if kandosprojects likes one or more of the residency proposals, and a line actually arrives to take up residence, come to Kandos or walk down the street and see it in the building as well.